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Guys Wear Them Too

Men suffer from a variety of leg and foot related issues just like women do. Men with ailments like varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and other illnesses should heed the advice of their doctor and slip on a pair of mens compression socks. By following the simple tips outlined in this helpful guide, you can make wearing these socks an enjoyable daily experience for yourself or loved one.
When looking to purchase, you want them to fit correctly. Naturally, they need to fit snugly around the legs to take advantage of the compression effect. Make sure that the socks do not fit too loose, as this could cause them to sag and slip, making them uncomfortable and annoying. The sock manufacturers have created size charts and measuring instructions to make sure you find the correct size. Be sure to look on the sock packaging / manufacturer’s website to find these instructions.
Both women’s and mens socks are built with durable fibers, which can make getting them on your feet a little harder than you might like. The elastic materials can be difficult to maneuver around your legs, but there is a strategy that can help.  Try using a pair of latex gloves to put the socks on with. The smooth surface makes it easier to slide the socks on with. Also, for ease of use and safety reasons, be sure to take off any watches or jewelry before putting on this type of sock.
Make sure you pick up a few different colors of the socks. Buying several pairs of multi-colored socks can help with wardrobe choice and make it less tempting to leave the socks at home. Compression socks are an important medical lifestyle choice, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish too.
And finally, there is one more aspect of the buying process you might want to keep in mind. Drugstores and over-the-counter establishments often sell their own version of mens socks. However, when it comes to durability and longevity, the name-brands hold true. If you only need these socks for a short time, then it might be practical to buy the store-brand version. However, if your doctor recommends these for long-term use, it would be most cost effective to buy the better quality ones.


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