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Compression Athletic Socks

While many athletically inclined people don’t use compression athletic socks, there are benefits that many people could take advantage of. These special socks improve circulation and relieve leg fatigue during activity. The improvement in circulation is very important to athletes because it improves performance and increases the amount of time before muscle-burnout. Improved circulation also means that their muscles remain oxygen-rich, leading to healthy muscle growth.
Compression athletic socks also help to prevent cramping of the calf muscles and ankle/foot swelling. Some models include padding at the foot and heel for long-lasting comfort. Look for athletic socks that feature special materials that keep your feet dry and free of bacteria. One such material is Olefin. Olefin retains less than .01% of its weight in moisture, making it the perfect material to keep feet dry. Olefin also resists deterioration from detergents and perspiration.
Breath-ability is an important factor to consider when purchasing athletic compression socks. A good compression sock is doing its job when it feels snug yet lightweight at the same time. These socks are made by a variety of manufacturers, which each have a slightly different fitting guide. Reference the packaging before purchasing to make sure your socks will fit your athletic needs.

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