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What Are Travel Compression Socks?

If you’ve ever gone on a long trip, you have probably experienced cramped conditions and long periods of time sitting or standing. These conditions can leave people both mentally and physically drained, and sometimes lead to serious medical conditions of the legs and feet. Strange lines / marks on the legs can be a sign of stagnant blood in the limbs and can be a problem that lasts for years or permanently. Travel compression socks are a wise investment to stop these problems from happening during these trips.
Travel socks are designed by medical professionals to promote circulation in the legs and feet. The gentle compression caused by the socks works to keep blood flow at proper levels in the legs, calves and feet. Improper circulation can cause uncomfortable fatigue and swelling which can lead to more serious complications later on.
The sock’s sizes are dependent on the shoe size of the wearer. Look for travel socks with a “daily comfort fit”, which indicates that they have been designed to reduce the risk for DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and fatigue. A wide variety of styles and colors are available, so choose one or more pairs that fit your style. Make sure the socks have a non-binding top that keeps the socks from falling down. Also look for an extra smooth toe seam and try them on for comfort.
The socks should be snug enough to stay on but not too tight to where they become uncomfortable. To further improve circulation, try moving & stretching your legs for 30-60 minutes while wearing the socks. Elevate your legs during travel by resting them on or under the seat in front of you. Change your seat position or walk around a bit periodically to keep blood flow up.
Try wearing the socks for a week or so before traveling to let the material stretch out and improve the circulation in your legs once you wear footwear. Trying on different shoes can help you decide which shoe causes the least amount of uncomfortable feelings. Doing what you can to prepare yourself for a long trip can make you and your travel socks ready for the journey. Always check for any unusual colors or reactions on your legs/ feet and report this to your medical professional. Do this especially before you go on a trip.

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